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Fire Flood Restoration Services
DSC Construction Inc. is a full-service contractor, specializing in fire and flood restoration services in Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Our services encompass the assessment and repair of property damage caused by water, fire, and smoke. We can also be part of the restoration and reconstruction of your property. Anytime disaster strikes, quick action is what may save your property – you can trust that your home or office are in the capable hands of our Emergency Service and extensive knowledge of water removal, structure drying, and contents restoration.

Our team consists of skilled cleaning & restoration professionals who have years of experience working with water and fire damaged properties. We use the most advanced water removal, dehumidifying and drying equipment in the restoration process with many skilled employees who can rebuild and refurbish any damaged areas of your property.

Fire & Smoke Damage

One of the most devastating occurrences that can happen to a homeowner is fire & smoke damage. Not only does it cause stress to owners, but it severely damages homes and buildings. Fires can involve a combination of damages including thermal damage, smoke damage, and damage caused by fire departments and sprinkler systems. We help in the restoration and repair of your home and belongings to pre-damage condition.

Flood Damage

Whether you have a flood or an unexpected leak, we fully understand the urgency of getting the water out as soon as possible. Experts say that the worst water damage occurs when water has been standing for more than 48 hours, which means timing is everything when a flood occurs. Water damage can occur from a leaky or broken pipe, blocked drains, storms, malfunctioning appliances and fire damage. The appropriate treatment depends on the nature of the damage. Flood waters and raw sewage can be dangerous to humans and pets because of bacteria they may contain. These bacteria can be transmitted by the bottoms of shoes and by touching or moving contaminated objects. The real problem arises if water damage is left untreated. No matter how clean the water is, mildew and other bacterial growth may occur if neglected. Water can pose a serious threat to furnishings, walls, floors, and ceilings.

We specialize in flood or water damage restoration and has the equipment and personnel needed to aid in a water damage emergency.