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4215-A 11 Street NE, Calgary AB

DSC Construction Inc. understands the significance of health and safety procedures. In fact, daily application of safety procedures in all our services is a condition of employment for all new hires. Furthermore, we exploit extensive efforts towards protection of workplace hazards, prevention of accidents/injury, promotion of workplace health and safety procedures/processes and compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

The corporation believes that the responsibility of health and safety should be shared amongst all within the organization. Each employee understands the importance of this belief and reflects it in every practice and procedure conducted.

  • The management team is responsible for generating and executing the appropriate health and safety practices. They are also required to consistently revise and improve procedures to ensure validity and overall safety. The result is an optimum work environment.
  • The supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all safety and health procedures implemented by top management are being followed as required. They act as role models in that they display exceptional safety and health compliant behaviour. Their position also entails the supervision of all employees to ensure that all operations, including those undertaken by contractors are being carried out with an uncompromised regard for health and safety.
  • All employees are responsible for implementing health and safety procedures in all their duties as required by management and the Occupational Health and Safety Act to ensure their own personal safety and the safety of their fellow employees. To ensure the complete understanding of health and safety procedures and their significance, employees are also required to inquire to their managers, if they have any questions or concerns regarding the health and safety procedures.
  • Our Health and Safety Committee is responsible for applying health and safety procedures in all procedures and practices, the development of policies, rules and work procedures, and to the inspection of our work places.